History of Dover Artificial Lift

Dover Artificial Lift consists of industry-leading artificial lift and surface production brands, brought together because of a common focus and desire to provide their clients with the best solutions in the industry.

Though formed in 2009, the story of Dover Artificial Lift began over 125 years ago, when Norris Rods opened its doors for business and began manufacturing the world’s first wooden sucker rods. In 1995, Norris Rods became one of the founding companies within Dover Energy and through the years, additional energy-focused companies were added to what became an impressive offering of quality oil and gas production equipment. 

Dover Artificial Lift was formed with the vision to bring together Dover’s six artificial lift and surface production solutions companies into one group, By leveraging collective knowledge and expertise we gained the ability to seamlessly provide customers with industry-leading solutions to optimize production, lower lifting costs, and ensure safe operation for people and the environment. 

Dover Artificial Lift has continued to add the industry’s top providers of artificial lift solutions to create a quality team of highly respected brands that together, boast more than 400 years of combined service to the oil and gas industry. They include:

  • Norris 
  • PCS Ferguson 
  • Harbison-Fischer
  • ​Challenger Process Systems
  • Alberta Oil Tool (AOT)
  • Theta Oilfield Services
  • Norriseal
  • C-Tech Oilwell Technologies and Pro-Rod™ Coiled Rod Solutions
  • O’Bannon Well Servicing Tools
  • Rod Guide (RG) Industries Ltd.
  • Flexbar® Sinkerbars
  • Oil Lift Technology
  • Upco

History of Dover Artificial Lift within the Oil and Gas Industry

Almost since the first well in the United States was drilled for the express purpose of producing oil, in 1859 in Titusville, PA, Dover Artificial Lift companies have played an integral role in the viability, growth and optimization of the global oil and gas exploration and production industries. Dover Artificial Lift companies have assumed this leading role through innovation and an ability to develop and supply the technologies that optimize revenues, life-cycle costs, safety and environmental compliance for the customer.

In addition to supplying efficient, reliable and cost-effective means to enhance oil and gas production, the member companies of Dover Artificial Lift have also exhibited a dogged commitment to producing artificial-lift equipment and solutions that make safety, both of oilfield personnel and the environment, a top-of-mind concern. It’s a fact: oil and gas producers that utilize artificial-lift products from Dover Artificial Lift companies have safer operations and are more readily able to satisfy the tenets of federal, state and local environmental regulations.

The Dover Artificial Lift companies have also evolved with the oil and gas industry. Advances in technology have enabled oil and gas producers to maximize returns from mature, more difficult to produce wells that may have been capped and abandoned in the past. Dover Artificial Lift technologies have helped ease oil and gas recovery from these types of wells.

Looking to the future, Dover Artificial Lift companies are constantly developing technologies and solutions that will optimize returns in the rich shale oil and gas fields that rely on innovative horizontal-drilling techniques. These “non-conventional” shale formations may yield as many as 4 billion barrels of oil and gas in North America before they are played out, sparking talk of a “new golden era in oil and gas production.” Rest assured, as this golden era commences, Dover Artificial Lift will be providing the latest advancements in plunger lift, rod lift, sucker rod, progressing cavity pump, downhole pump, well-site control/optimization and analytic tools to an eagerly waiting customer base.

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