Dover Artificial Lift Companies

The artificial lift solutions that Dover Artificial Lift provides are built from brands that lead their industries. Across the board, Dover Artificial Lift Brands are known for their premier quality, expert engineering innovation and customer intensive service. These qualities mean that our customers get artificial lift solutions that are perfectly suited for the application and designed to lower overall lifting costs.

Dover Artificial Lift delivers the latest technologies, innovations and solutions in rod lift, plunger-lift, progressing cavity pump systems, well site controls and analytic tools to a wide range of oil and gas producers around the world.

Alberta Oil Tool is the Canadian manufacturer of Norris brand products, which are known throughout the industry for precision and reliability. AOT’s product range includes conventional Sucker Rods, specialty Drive Rods® for progressing cavity pump applications, Polished Rods, Sinker Bars, Pony Rods and Sucker Rod/Polished Rod Couplings.

Focused on heavy oil production service equipment, C-Tech Design &yyy Manufacturing combines technical expertise, specialized designs and quality manufacturing to ensure every solution meets the operator's unique specifications. C-Tech is dedicated to helping operators reduce expenses and equipment requirements, reducing manpower and run times, and improving safety.

Challenger Process Systems Company (CPSC), a subsidiary of Harbison-Fischer, has been providing process equipment and systems to the oil and gas industry for over twenty seven years. CPSC performs in-house process design, manufacturing, and service on a full range of conditioning and separation system packages. Many of the process packages have integrated micro-processors with electronic monitoring, alarms, and level indicating controls to meet the increasing demands for automation in the oil and gas industry.

In April of 2012, PCS and Ferguson Beauregard merged operations as part of Dover Corporation’s acquisition of PCS. As we began to integrate as one, we sought to create a new name and identity for our combined company that reflected both of our rich histories in well deliquification and production optimization, while also positioning us for continued success.

The name PCS Ferguson honors what both companies created individually and allows us to build on a strong foundation as we move into the future as a single company. In the coming months, you will begin seeing this new name and logo in use.

While our name has changed, our focus remains the same: on providing superior products and unrivaled service to deliquify and optimize your wells. Building on the values that drove our individual success, PCS Ferguson will continue to deliver the technical expertise, quality products and responsive service that you’ve come to expect. We will also continue to offer the products you know us for.

Theta Oilfield Services, Inc. is the leader in Rod Pumping Optimization software and training. Theta Oilfield Services has developed diagnostic, design, pumping unit balancing, dynamometer data measurement, and smart oilfield automation software that are used by many oil companies, service companies, and rod pumping equipment suppliers. Theta Oilfield Services also provides training courses and consulting services in rod pumping optimization.

RG Industries, the market leader in specialty designed guides for reciprocating and PC Pump applications, provides complete evaluation of your production system, with recommendations for guide design, materials and spacing. This service includes computer modeling of guide impact on your system.

Harbison-Fischer, Inc. is the global leader in down-hole sucker rod pumps and related equipment for the oil & gas marketplace. Harbison-Fischer is recognized globally for their quality, technology, and service leadership. The company has a global customer base and has products in operation all over the world. The company is headquartered in Crowley, Texas.

Norris is the world’s leader in sucker rod production. Norris provides unparalleled value in the rod lift market by focusing on providing the best in product performance, customer service and well optimization knowledge. Norris currently offers six types of sucker rods formulated from different alloys. These compositions cover just about any downhole condition you might encounter. In a corrosive well, sucker rods come under attack the moment they're run. Until your chemical inhibition program becomes effective, Norris sucker rods are protected during rod shipment and storage. Few of the Norris Products are Stabilizer bars, Rod Guides, Sinker Bars, PC Rods, and Pony Rods etc.

Norriseal has been a leading supplier of valve and control solutions for more than four decades. Renowned for innovative design and precision manufacturing, our products are used worldwide in a broad range of industries, including oil and gas production solutions and transmission, refining, Petrochemical/ chemical processing, marine, power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, high-pressure HVAC, steel manufacturing, and many other applications.

Oil Lift Technologies is one of the leading providers of progressing cavity pump systems in the oil field. From the remote power units to surface drives to progressing cavity pumps, they offer oil and gas producers engineered systems customizable to their wells needs. Their innovative and patented technologies in top drives and well head products ensure environmentally sound production.

O’Bannon Well Servicing Tools: Tough. Designed, engineered and manufactured to get your wells back on line quickly. Superior quality. Highest caliber materials. Innovative designs. Field-proven features. O’Bannon rod elevators and rod hooks are designed to provide maximum rod string protection, wear resistance and ease of handling and operation. O'Bannon has a complete line of overshot tools to fish any sucker rod part down hole.

Pro-Rod is the leading innovator of coiled sucker rod in the world. Its inception came about in 2001 with a challenge from a major Canadian oil producer to resolve the historical service issues with the use of coiled rod. That challenge was not only met through development of the X-celerator®, but with the company entering into the full time manufacture and supply of quality coiled sucker rod. Pro-RodTM’s vision is to deliver the most convenient and cost effective coiled rod and rod handling systems. The patented X-celerator® eliminates the traditional premium paid for handling coiled rod. The X-celerator® allows coiled rod to be used on a well at equal or less cost and just as easily as coupled sucker rod.
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