Dover Artificial Lift is one of the world’s leading authorities on all types of Artificial Lift.  We offer a full suite of Artificial Lift products and services along with experts in every kind of production optimization to help you reach your goals in the most cost effective manner.
For more than 125 years, Dover Artificial Lift products have delivered reliable and effective Artificial Lift and surface production control equipment to our customers.  We understand production optimization and reliable supply are critical and our team can evaluate which form of Artificial Lift is the best solution to meet your needs.  We specialize in:

• Progressive Cavity Pump

• Rod-lift
• Plunger lift
• Gas and Hydraulic lift 
• ESPs 
This range of products and systems can handle even your most difficult challenges.  And if you need to control, treat and monitor production once it reaches the surface, we provide the surface equipment to do it safely and efficiently.

Voted the number one Artificial Lift Company in Customer Satisfaction by EnergyPoint Research, we strive to work in partnership with our customers to meet your specific objectives.

• #1 in Artificial Lift  

• #1 in Engineering & Design

• #1 in Performance and Reliability

• #1 in Horizontal & Directional Wells

Our products drive higher returns by optimizing production, reducing downtime and cutting operating costs.  We seek to eliminate your worries with quick delivery, responsive expert service and more reliable products.  Most of all, we are constantly focused on enhancing safety through HSE awareness, training and culture during all phases of the project. 

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