ESP Systems

Dover Artificial Lift specializes in designing and delivering electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems and innovative production solutions. We pride ourselves on being much more than just an ESP vendor, but rather a full-systems provider of lift solutions that help optimize field production.

Our approach has proved vital to operators looking to implement ESPs in the most challenging well environments. In high-volume wells in which other forms of lift may fall short, ESPs are ideally suited to quickly lower the bottomhole pressure and raise production rates to their desired level. In horizontal and highly deviated wells, an ESP’s relatively simple design allows it to be deployed and operated more reliably than rod pump systems, which are prone to rod and tubing failures due to the deviation. 

Dover is uniquely positioned to help operators optimize ESP performance in applications such as these, through overarching production partnerships. We provide all downhole and surface components of the system—from the centrifugal pumps to web-based monitoring systems to electrical control—to provide a systems-wide production solution. Rounding out our partnership services, we provide the experienced personnel and application expertise to ensure an optimized solution for the productive life of each and every well.

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