LOOKOUT™ Monitoring 

Lookoutmonitoring.jpg LOOKOUT™ Monitoring provides a complete artificial lift monitoring solution. By leveraging the power of Theta Oilfield Solutions industry leading XSPOC™ software, LOOKOUT™ delivers users the ease of a web-based software solution combined with the power and collaboration of Dover’s ESP system experts. The installation and set-up is simple: just ask your Dover Artificial Lift Systems representative, and we will take care of the installation and support of LOOKOUT from well to desktop!

Real-time data is displayed and stored within LOOKOUT, as well as all of the pertinent well parameters useful in characterizing the well and the ESP system’s performance. With that information, customized reports are generated and delivered to the user.

Service can be tailored to your specific needs and economics. From simple ‘on or off’ notifications, to actively monitored and optimized scenarios targeting key performance indicators, LOOKOUT is a flexible system. Since the core engine of LOOKOUT leverages the power and intelligence of Theta’s XSPOC artificial lift monitoring system, the solution does not stop at ESP’s. You can see every form of artificial lift within LOOKOUT.

There are many features within LOOKOUT to foster collaboration and streamlining your workflow. Even how it is accessed is enhanced by mobile apps (iOS and Android) as well as from your desktop. Contact a Dover representative to inquire about how LOOKOUT can help you optimize your lifting systems.

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