LOOKOUT™ Automation

LOOKOUT™ Automation utilizes down-hole sensor data and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) surface data to provide well performance optimization. A surface readout (SRU) LED touch-screen interface is provided in the VSD control panel and offers remote monitoring through eLynx® or InSpatial™ web-based platforms.

LOOKOUT™ Automation polls and controls the VSD allowing operators to continuously read various parameters to visualize down-hole conditions in addition to current and power consumption. LOOKOUT™ sensors below the AGILE™ Motor detect ambient well and motor temperature as well as pump intake pressure and vibration. The intuitive web interface allows the user to modify the functionality of an UNBRIDLED™ ESP System in real time by remotely varying the speed of the AGILE™ Motor or

Dover Artificial Lift’s field tough equipment has proven sensor reliability which ensures more uptime and ROI. The gauge design is tough, with standard and corrosion resistant housing options. Additional sensors can be added to monitor high temperature applications along with discharge pressure and vibration. Teaming as production partners, Dover Artificial Lift and operators can determine scaling tendencies, pump drag and tubing leaks, gas locking, gas interference, bottom-hole pressure, and fluid levels. 

LOOKOUT™ Automation is available with multi-tier monitoring support and well management service. Based on customer needs and well conditions, each automation solution is customizable to best optimize well performance. The service aspect of LOOKOUT™ Automation means real-time production data, better decision making, more educated and experienced staff and partners, and monitoring. Highly-trained service technicians use well and web-based remote monitoring to troubleshoot and alert customers of pending issues. Monthly and quarterly well reviews on key performance indicators (KPIs) and the improvement of operational efficiencies field-wide are provided at mutually determined intervals. LOOKOUT™ Automation offers the opportunity to optimize operations assuring increased longevity and system functionality.

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