BLACKGOLD™ Pumps offer a floater design for a wide variety of flow and pressure ranges, providing optimal production solutions for common well applications. BLACKGOLD™ pumps are capable of high fluid volumes, minimal power consumption and high efficiency, while increasing longevity due to its robust design. All Dover Artificial Lift pumps incorporate industry-leading technology with known capabilities and proven product design which lowers the total cost of ownership and extends system run life.

BLACKGOLD™ Pumps are ideal for most common well conditions with a broad offering of flow range, meeting customer’s needs from 150 BPD to 10,000 BPD, in 4.5” to 7” and larger wells. This wide breadth of operating range provides the ability to adapt to changing well conditions, minimizing downtime and loss of production while increasing return on investment. Dover Artificial Lift stocks a wide range of BLACKGOLD™ pumps with customizable, application specific, cost effective designs, tailored to our customer’s needs and well productivity. Each well is matched with the best ESP design in order to minimize operating costs and maximize well performance and customer returns. BLACKGOLD™ Pumps are also adaptable with other ESP equipment resulting in low conversion costs.

Enhanced bearings at the top and bottom of the pumps provide more stability to the pump shaft, equating to less vibration transmitted to the AFFIRMED™ Protector, which extends the system’s run life and ensures more uptime.
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