SMARTEN™ Controls

SMARTEN™ Controls provide the best methods to start, adjust, and stop an UNBRIDLED™ ESP system. Dover Artificial Lift offers two types of SMARTEN™ Controls for operational flexibility: switchboards and variable speed drives (VSD). SMARTEN™ VSDs include sign wave filters - not requiring a standalone filter. In addition, event history tracking and logging is provided, which tracks activity down to the second. This data is downloadable, and with specific models, remote communications can be enabled using LOOKOUT™ Automation. SMARTEN™ Controls have straightforward and easy to navigate graphic displays with unique software specifically designed for the UNBRIDLED™ ESP system; simply, it makes sense. Having our reliable control systems in place provides field optimization, less interruption and increased uptime. Switchboards offer basic surface control designed with a 60 Hertz frequency ranging from 600 to 5,000 Volts. The switchboard is customizable with an advanced motor controller interface available with digital readouts, icons for sensor readings, and an amp chart as well as motor saver options (520 or 777). Data is downloadable by USB and a backspin probe is optional.

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