GRINDSTONE™ Pumps provide operators the highest level of performance in the harshest down-hole environments. The technologically enhanced pump design allows for varying production rates and handles solids more efficiently. It is optimum for a wide range of applications, including water floods and unconventional, high declining, or dynamic wells. GRINDSTONE™ Pumps manage abrasive solids entrained in the well fluid to allow longer down-hole time and less intervention costs in high-declining wells due to the extended operating range of the unit. The biggest benefits of GRINDSTONE™ Pumps are reducing the number of well interventions and lowering the total cost of ownership as a result of requiring only one system running for an extended period of time.

GRINDSTONE™ Pumps incorporate enhanced bearing designs that provide hardened thrust and radial bearing support throughout the unit, increasing the ROI and extending run life. The enhanced bearings offer superior radial shaft support, as well as perpetual axial support to distribute thrust throughout the pump stages. The margin for error and potential for catastrophic system failure is minimized as a result of the GRINDSTONE™ Pump construction, which limits the pump shaft thrust load placed on the AFFIRMED™ Protector. Not requiring specialized installation procedures in the field is another significant benefit of GRINDSTONE™ Pumps. The cost savings of this high performance pump is also a beneficial factor in comparison to the cost of high load protectors.
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