AGILE™ Motors

AGILE™ Motors are robust electric submersible motors designed for deep-set upstream oil and gas applications capable of handling high temperatures and running at variable speeds. AGILE™ Motors are differentiated by true horsepower loads designed for each application as well as the inclusion of more copper and steel material for the investment.

The base horsepower ratings and robust design provide significant advantages over other motors due to superior design factors that ensure equipment is not pushed beyond its limits. Running at the lowest operating temperatures in the industry, AGILE™ Motors provide more reliability and increased production while not sacrificing runtime. AGILE™ Motors are 3-phase, 2-pole induction motors with flexible design options for a wide variety of applications. Dover Artificial Lift offers extensive voltage and HP ranges within 375, 456, 540 and 562 motor frames with temperature ratings up to 180°C. Diverse metallurgy configurations for superior corrosion protection are available including stainless steel options and corrosion resistant coatings.
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