CAVALCADE™ Power Cables

CAVALCADE™ Power Cable meets any high quality oil and gas industry specification to assure reliability and durability. Using CAVALCADE™ Power Cable maintains electrical integrity and provides the longest possible run life of an UNBRIDLED™ ESP system, even in the most challenging down-hole conditions.

CAVALCADE™ Power Cable is available separately for other applications and can be sold in bulk. Flat or round configurations are available in multiple gauges to meet power requirements for all UNBRIDLED™ ESP system components. CAVALCADE™ Power Cable comes standard with multiple insulated and jacketed solid copper conductors, contained within a metal armor, wrapped in combinations of polypropylene, lead, EPDM, and nitrile insulation materials to mitigate gas ingress. Solid copper, as opposed to stranded wire, provides less loss and more strength. Options include additional insulation for high gas environments and are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and Monel armor for a wide range of well conditions. A lead barrier prevents gas permeation, especially in high H2S environments. Rated for 2kV to 5kV for diverse requirements, CAVALCADE™ Power Cable can handle low or high power loads, and is available in #6 to 1/0 gauges for proper sizing.
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