AFFIRMED™ Protectors

The protector, (or commonly referred to as ‘seal’), acts as an oil reservoir for the motor to provide expansion capacity by the utilization of customized chambers. The chambers keep contamination of wellbore fluid out of the AGILE™ Motor by creating a low pressure boundary that isolates well fluid from the clean motor oil. The oil expansion and contraction in the chambers maintain constant pressure equalization which reduces well bore fluid ingress into the motor and increases system uptime.

AFFIRMED™ Protectors also transfer the torque from the motor shaft to the gas separator and/or pump intake shaft.

Additionally, it maintains the electrical and mechanical integrity of the AGILE™ Motor by providing reinforcement via down-thrust support for the pump shaft. Inclusion of an AFFIRMED™ Protector in your  UNBRIDLED™ ESP system ensures performance, reliability, longevity, and enhanced run time.

Our modular construction allows for redundancy to provide a protector solution for any application specific need. Higher HP motors may require a series of protectors to provide the right amount of expansion capacity for the motor. Redundancy increases the reliability of the system. Whether a well requires only one or a series, AFFIRMED™ Protectors ensure a system will operate in harmony for many years.

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