Optimizing production throughout the entire lifespan of the well.

In many situations, wells do not have sufficient natural energy to lift liquids to the surface at the desired rate. Opti-Flow® Gas Lift by PCS Ferguson is a flexible method of artificial lift that can be adapted to changing conditions over the life of the well.

Gas lift most closely resembles a natural flowing well by utilizing the energy stored in natural gas under pressure along with injected gas to deliver fluids to the surface. The gas expands as it rises to the surface, reducing the density and column weight of the fluid. This reduces the flowing tubing pressure, creating a differential pressure between the reservoir and the well bore that allows the well to flow. Opti-Flow Gas Lift is an effective method of optimizing production through the lifespan of the well.

Benefits of Opti-Flow Gas Lift by PCS Ferguson:

  • Increases production rates of a flowing well.
  • Accommodates deviated and horizontal well bores. 
  • Flexible solution for the entire life of the well.
  • Experienced staff with decades of expertise in gas lift
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