Hydraulic Lift

With experience dating back decades and unmatched expertise, Dover offers innovative and in-house manufactured equipment, well-specific engineered designs, world-class service and maintenance, and real-time optimization for hydraulic lift systems.  These systems include hydraulic jet pumps for higher pressure reservoirs, hydraulic reciprocating pumps for lower pressure reservoirs, and ancillary surface pumps, equipment, and services.  

The Dover hydraulic lift team ensures regular optimization and maximum performance with a two-pronged methodology:  First, we customize our hydraulic lift systems to meet each client’s goals and each well’s specific needs.  Once installed, we complement those systems with the ability to make immediate modifications to both downhole and surface equipment.  

With a problem-centered and personalized approach, Dover provides solutions for several upstream and midstream needs:  

• High & low volume production 
• Gas well dewatering 
• Frac-water fluid recovery
• Well testing
Hydraulic pumping systems produce economically and reliably from various types of wells:

• Deep Wells
Dover hydraulic pumps have been used for over 35 years to produce some of the deepest oil wells in North America.  With no rod stress and reduced fluid cooling issues, the hydraulic pump has proven to be the deep well champion. 

• Deviated Wells
Hydraulic pumps are a great solution for deviated wells.  If tubing can be run downhole, a hydraulic pump can be effectively utilized. 

• Remote & Urban Locations
With self-contained units, clients have the option of using the natural gas produced by the source well to run the unit, bypassing the need to remain near electricity like other forms of lift. Clients can monitor and control the functions of the unit from their office.  Finally, there is no need for a rig unit to operate or pull the pump. 

• Multiple Zones 
Used with a packer, hydraulic pumps are a perfect solution for testing and operating in multiple zones. 

• Low Profile 
The unit’s low profile renders it short enough to avoid problems with irrigation systems. 

For power fluid, the system does not use hydraulic oil but instead uses the existing and/or produced well fluid that is pressurized at the surface by the pumping unit through the tubing string to actuate the downhole pump.  Special pump designs are available for such completions as sliding sleeves, gas lift mandrels, coil tubing, DST, and well cleaning and testing.

On top of meeting multiple needs, producing in multiple well types, and fitting multiple completions, hydraulic pumps pack multiple user and economically-friendly benefits:

• Hydraulically Retrievable

The downhole pump can be retrieved by simply reversing the fluid flow, eliminating the downtime and costs of wireline or workover rigs. 

• Unitized & Portable 

Dover units are self-contained and easily installed into the flow line with simple set up and reconfiguration procedures. 

• Durable & Low Maintenance 

Dover hydraulic pumps are rugged, have long lives, and are typically field repairable, cutting the replacement costs associated with other forms of artificial lift. 

• Low Operating Costs 

Hydraulic systems can use natural gas produced by the source well to run the unit, eliminating the costs of electricity and/or refueling.

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