Jet Pump Applications

Hydraulic Frac-Water Fluid Recovery

Dover’s subsurface jet pumps offer a simple, field-proven solution to hydraulic frac-water fluid recovery for even the toughest applications while maximizing efficiency and keeping operating costs down.  In an effort to recover frac-fluid chemicals as quickly as possible, Dover hydraulic jet pumps produce high volumes of fluid (up to 4.000 BPD) including frac sand, successfully removing solids from the well without the back pressure associated with Nitrogen.  Meanwhile, gas can be brought to market immediately after installation!

High Volume Production

High volume production in the absence of back pressure (as stated above) reduces the potential of formation damage.  Production rates are easily adjusted for continuous control thanks to Dover’s proprietary software which calculates the PBHP based on production volume and sand injection pressure.  

Well Testing

Dover designs well test packages to meet all of our client’s requirements, even in well conditions with high pressure, high flow rates, and solids. Our commitment to safety and technological innovation is evident in our highly-trained personnel and in our efforts in research and development.
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