The RPump

Our hydraulically actuated reciprocating downhole pump (RPump) works much like a rod pump…with no rods. It is specifically designed for lower volume gas well dewatering or oil well production. 

This is an improvement over a traditional rod pump in its ability to work in low production, low power fluid, and low bottom hole pressure environments with no tubing wear, adjustable production rates, and hydraulic installation and removal. The cost of a pulling unit and tubing replacement are eliminated along with extended down times.


This is applicable for low volume (10-100 BLPD) gas well dewatering and oil well production applications.


The RPump is set in the production string above a packer. High pressure fluid is used to drive a plunger up and down Fluid is controlled by an Engine Valve Assembly (EVA) that redirects the power fluid to drive the engine plunger. A pump plunger is used to pull in formation fluid and push up to surface.
Key Features

• Compact unit, weighing approximately 40 lbs. 81 in. long , and 1 7/8” outside diameter.
• Hydraulically installed and retrieved from the well, eliminating the need for pulling unit.
• Tubing wear from Rods in deviated wells is eliminated.
• Efficient operation at depths of 5,000 to 15,000 feet.
• APSI Software can calculate the PBHP based on production volumes and injection pressure.
• Service cost savings over the use of a service rig.
• Power Fluid can be either water or oil.

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