Surface Pump Solutions

Dover Artificial Lift has extensive experience with designing and building saltwater disposal facilities. Our team has the capabilities to manage SWD projects from pump sizing to full turnkey design, construction, and project management. Our Dover Artificial Lift SWD Team designs and builds all of the surface equipment into a fully integrated operation for both private and public operators. The drawing below is representative of our typical commercial SWD Facility with oil separation from incoming saltwater trucks and freshwater sourcing to customer trucks for fracturing horizontal oil/gas wells.




  • Design and consulting services 
  • Project management 
  • On site supervision 
  • Complete in house fabrication 
  • Mutiple distributors for pumps/accessories 
  • Electrical and PLC installation/programming 
  • Field service crews 
  • Preventative maintenance programs 

  • Operator and mechanical friendly 
  • Fully automated systems
  • Multiple truck lanes
  • Pumps to maximize capacity
  • Storage tanks and piping systems
  • Oil and water separation systems
  • Integrated remote monitoring/accounting
  • Enhanced security and alarm systems 
  • Drafting services
  • High performance unloading stations

For more detailed information regarding our Saltwater Disposal Systems and Design services, please check the “SWD’s” box on our Contact Us form and a Dover Artificial Lift SWD Specialist will contact you regarding your specific application.

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