Dover Artificial Lift offers the best in PCP technologies through our respected and reliable brands.

Progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems are increasingly being turned to as the optimal way to effectively and efficiently produce from sandy and heavy oil wells. With the depletion of maturing light crude fields, PCP looks to be a technology of the future. 

Dover Artificial Lift has some of the most innovative and reliable PCP solutions in the industry. Our leading brands offer top drive equipment, rod string solutions and downhole pumps as well as optimization and design services for the whole systems.
Oil Lift Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of progressing cavity pump systems for use in the oilfield. From pumps to remote power units to surface drives, Oil Lift Technology engineers its systems to be customizable to the individual well’s needs, while ensuring environmentally sound production and recovery.

Alberta Oil Tool is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty drive rods for use in progressing cavity pump applications, as well as complete lines of polished rods, sinker bars, pony rods and sucker/polished rod couplings. Its resilient and metal-seated butterfly valves are the highest-quality valve available on oil and gas market today, allowing the company to offer a complete suite of standard-setting oilfield products.
Pro-Rod is one of only three coiled-rod manufacturers in the world. Pro-Rod™ offers a quench and tempered product that possesses the chemical properties and mechanical strength that oil and gas applications demand.

RG Industries offers injection-molded rod guides for rod/tubing wear reduction and paraffin control. RGI has created a production-system evaluation service complete with computer modeling that provides the oil and gas operator with the appropriate recommendations for rod-guide design, materials and spacing.

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