Dover Artificial Lift brands offer the highest quality, best performing reciprocating lift solutions to reduce rod lift operating costs. 

Individually, our respected brands provide the most reliable and well-established rod lift technologies in the industry. As Dover Artificial Lift, we combine the strengths and expertise of our brands to offer integrated reciprocating lift systems. 

Since no two oil or gas wells are the same, Dover Artificial Lift approaches each well site with an open mind and a customer-centric approach, and then turns to the expertise of its member companies to create a blueprint that will eventually make the proper solution a reality.

Better Design + Higher Quality = Better Performance and Low Operating Costs

Rod String Design Software

Our rod lift downhole offering begins with Theta Oilfield Services and their design, optimization and diagnostic software. An artificial lift system is only as good as its design. Theta is an industry leader in rod pumping optimization and design software. Theta’s software offering covers a variety of fields/technologies including string design, pumping unit balancing, dynamometer data measurement and smart oilfield monitoring. All Theta solutions were developed to make your use of reciprocating lift and other AL systems more efficient, reliable and productive.

Sucker Rods

Pro-Rod™  is one of only three coiled-rod manufacturers in the world. Pro-Rod™ offers a quench and tempered product that possesses the chemical properties and mechanical strength that oil and gas applications demand. 

Norris Rods is the leader in Sucker rod pumping solutions. Since 1882, Norris Rods has led the industry in revolutionizing sucker-rod technologies by incorporating innovative and long-lasting alloys, stringent manufacturing and quality-control processes, and optimized designs. Engineered to last longer, Norris rods are the best performing sucker rods on the market today and allow customers to keep their wells running and producing at optimum levels longer.

Alberta Oil Tool is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty drive rods for use in progressing cavity pump applications, as well as complete lines of polished rods, sinker bars, pony rods and sucker/polished rod couplings. Its resilient and metal-seated butterfly valves are the highest-quality valve available on oil and gas market today, allowing the company to offer a complete suite of standard-setting oilfield products.


Upco has a 30 plus year history of manufacturing and supplying API certified sucker rods and accessories to the world market. Upco's operating philosophy is based on a commitment to continuous improvement in the aspects of quality, on time delivery and technical expertise.

Downhole Pump

Harbison-Fischer is the leader in quality, reliability and performance in the downhole pump arena. The company offers an extensive range of products that are designed to ensure the best possible fits in an application. Whether the issue is sand, corrosion, gas-locking or some other unique challenge, Harbison-Fischer® has the experience and expertise to serve the customer’s specific needs.


Flexbar® sinkerbars, lift subs, and centralized flexbars and lift subs have been manufactured to reduce rod and tubing wear and failures, resulting in an extended operating life for a well’s composite, steel or fiberglass sucker-rod strings.

RG Industries offers injection-molded rod guides for rod/tubing wear reduction and paraffin control. RGI has created a production-system evaluation service complete with computer modeling that provides the oil and gas operator with the appropriate recommendations for rod-guide design, materials and spacing.

O’Bannon well-servicing tools are engineered and manufactured to get wells back online quickly. O’Bannon tools are of superior quality and constructed with the highest-caliber materials that incorporate innovative designs and field-proven features.

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