The difficult surface and downhole environments combined with a continuous and demanding operating schedule place a great deal of stress on artificial lift systems. So, when intervention is needed, Dover Artificial Lift offers a variety of solutions that have been designed to ensure that maintenance is completed efficiently and correctly while minimizing downtime.

C-Tech Design & Manufacturing combines technical expertise, specialized designs and quality manufacturing to produce industry standard heavy oil-production service equipment. C-Tech is dedicated to helping oil and gas operators reduce repair expenses and equipment requirements, while optimizing manpower efficiency and well run times as well as  improving overall operational safety.

Innovative, custom-built solutions from C-Tech include Rapid-Rod Service Rigs (RSR); Coiled Rod X-celerators® and Coiled Tubing Injectors used with a variety of well servicing units to install or surface coiled rod strings fast, easy and safely; Flush-by Units, Coiled Tubing Units (CTU); Mud Tanks, and the innovative Fireblade™ welding system to build and repair coiled rod strings on-site easily, conveniently and economically.
Dover Artificial Lift is excited to introduce our new well service capabilities available in California and Oman. Dover Artificial Lift California and Dover Artificial Lift Middle East offers a variety of well services using C-Tech built Rapid Service Rigs and Truck Mounted X-celeratorsTM . These work with unmatched flexibility and capabilities to service wells efficiently and safely ensuring minimal downtime. We believe that combining the knowledge of our products with the talents and experience of our technical staff and these new service capabilities, allows us to support production efforts like never before.

Well Services Offered includes:

•  Well diagnostics
           o Check pump space out
           o Pressure test tubing
           o Flush solids from tubing
           o Rod string integrity check

•   Well killing
•   Run/pull coiled & conventional sucker rod
•   Snub coiled rod/pump/rotor
•   Quick pump/rotor changes
•   Fishing jobs
•   Displacement of ancillary fluids
•   Polish rod changes
•   Installation of tubular for completions
•   Assist in wire line operations

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