Well site automation solutions deliver real-time data and optimal production.

Reliable, accurate data is critical to ensuring your wells are online and producing efficiently, and with growing safety and environmental concerns, remote monitoring and control of site facilities is just as important.

Well Site SCADA® by PCS Ferguson is a fully-integrated automation solution that allows you to automate and optimize your entire well site. By collecting real-time data from each well, the system can help you recognize trends, manage by exception and correct problems quickly to ensure maximum uptime and production. On pad well sites, Well Site SCADA is able to synchronize production of multiple wells and accurately allocate gas production for each .

Benefits of Well Site SCADA Automation by PCS Ferguson:
  • Optimize production of multiple wells from a single master controller

  • Easily integrate with host systems, gas measurement solutions and other third-party devices

  • Monitor tank levels, chemical injection, gas volumes, pressures, temperatures, flow rates and more

  • Meet or exceed environmental monitoring requirements
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