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Well Site SCADA® Automation

In the highly competitive oil and gas industry, the need for timely and accurate field data is critical. Optimizing production, planning future drilling, and managing reserve and spot gas supplies are more important than ever. To help you make the best informed business decisions, you need up-to-date and comprehensive information for each asset.


Our fully integrated production automation systems continuously collect real-time data from each well, creating timely and accurate electronic reports and storing current and historical data that can be accessed from the field or office. With the information at your team's fingertips, they are able to recognize trends and correct problems to ensure optimum production levels.

Benefits of Well Site SCADA: 

  • Operators' windshield time and travel costs drop significantly
  • Field supervisors and engineers can efficiently coordinate field activities and determine where manpower is most cost effectively allocated
  • Management gains a powerful tool to manage maturing oil and gas fields, track aggregate production over time, and guide major investment decisions

Well Site SCADA is ideal for:

  • Synchronizing production of pad well sites (up to eight wells into as many as eight separators from a single, central location)
  • Accessing remote wellhead controllers to change settings and read histories
  • Integrating with gas measurement
  • Monitoring tank level, gas volume, pressure, temperature, and more
  • Meeting environmental monitoring requirements

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