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Opti-Flow® Gas Lift

Optimizing production throughout the lifespan of the well. 

Changing well conditions, such as reduced reservoir pressure, increasing water cuts, and decreasing gas-to-liquid ratios can make consistent and predictable production a challenge. You need a means of artificial lift that is flexible enough to optimize production throughout the life of the well—from initial kick-off to depletion. Capable of producing vertical, deep, and horizontal wells with a range of flow rates, Opti-Flow® Gas Lift is an extremely flexible, effective, and economical artificial lift solution.


Benefits of Opti-Flow Gas Lift: 

  • Unrivaled ability to accommodate various well characteristics
  • Superior design process that accounts for current and future conditions
  • Flexible artificial lift solution for the life of the well
  • Full range of equipment to meet your specific needs

Opti-Flow Gas Lift is Ideal For: 

  • Producing wells that can’t flow naturally
  • Initial unloading of a well that will flow
  • Increasing the production rate of a flowing well
  • Accommodating deviated and horizontal well bores
  • Removing solids by back flowing
  • Producing wells with sand and scale problems
  • Combining with plunger lift to reduce operating expenses

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