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PCS Ferguson® Plunger Lift

Plunger lift is one of the most economical ways to achieve maximum deliquification, particularly in marginal and aging well. It uses the well's own energy to effectively lift and remove accumulated liquids.

Supported by the best plunger lift experts in the world, our plunger lift systems are quick and easy to set up. Requiring low capital investment and minimal operating expense, plunger lift provides an excellent return on investment, producing production gains that can offset the cost of the system in as little as a few weeks and almost always within a few months.

Our plunger lift products are thoroughly tested, manufactured to the highest standards, and backed by our decades of experience in the field.

Benefits of Plunger Lift:

  • Increased production with minimal cost.
  • Quick and easy implementation.
  • Low capital and operating expenses.
  • Unrivaled expertise, service, training, and line out assistance.
  • Largest selection of custom-engineered equipment addressing 
    the full range of well conditions.
  • Highest quality manufacturing processes and materials.

Plunger Lift is Ideal for:

  • Removing accumulated liquids in gas wells, allowing them to produce
  • Wells with low bottom hole pressures or higher gas-to-liquid ratios
  • Controlling paraffin and hydrate buildup 
  • Wells with liquid production of roughly 130 barrels per day or less 
  • Unloading a well when gas velocity is at, or near, critical flow rate

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